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Column mappings

Use this dialog box to specify the mappings between the source and destination columns. You also can change the data type of the data if a valid data conversion is applicable.

Destination Table Options

Insert source data into the destination table

This option is available only if the table already exists. Existing data, indexes, and constraints on the destination table are not affected. However, rows are not necessarily appended to the end of the destination table. You can determine where rows will be inserted only by having a clustered index on the destination table.

Create the destination table before copying the source data

This is the default option if the destination table you specified does not exist. If this option is selected and the destination table already exists, an error occurs, unless you select the Drop and re-create destination table check box.

Drop and recreate destination table

Drop the destination table and re-create it before moving data into it. All existing data in the destination table and any indexes are destroyed.

Delete all rows in the destination table before copying the source data

This option is only available if the destination table already exists. Existing indexes and constraints on the destination table are not affected by this option.

Column Mappings

Edit the cells in the table. The table does not list the order in which the destination columns will appear, but rather lists each destination column alongside each source column to which it maps.


Displays the column name in the source table to copy to the destination.


Choose the column name in the destination table to receive the source data. Click <ignore> to prevent the source column from being created in the destination table when creating a new table. If you want to remove a column from an existing table, click <ignore> in the destination column, but also select the Drop and re-create destination table check box in this dialog box. This will re-create the table with the columns specified. Existing data and indexes in the table will be lost.

Data Type

Select a data type for the destination column. The default setting matches the data type of the destination column to the source.

Note: Invalid data conversions can be specified without causing an error, as the default transformation setting allows all possible conversions. There are combinations of source and destination data types where the program is not able to perform the data transfer.


Specify if destination can allow null values.

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