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Expression Builder

You use the Expression Builder dialog box to generate an criteria you would use in the SQL query statement. In the Grid pane in SQL Query Builder, click the column where you want to enter an expression and then press the Build button on the toolbar.


In the upper section of the builder is an expression box where you build the expression. Use the lower section of the builder to create elements of the expression, and then paste these elements into the expression box to form an expression. You can also type parts of the expression directly into the expression box.


In the left section of the builder are commonly used operators. If you double-click one of the operators, the Expression Builder inserts the operator at the insertion point in the expression box.


If you double-click a function in the left box, the expression box inserts the function at the insertion point in the expression box. The right box lists the values and parameters, if any, for the elements you select in the left box.


In the left section of the builder are some of the keywords used in SQL queries. Double-click the keyword to add it to the expression box.

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