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Install and uninstall a BaseNow Agent service

BaseNow Agent is a Windows NT/2000-based service that can be started when the operating system starts. You can also control and configure it from within BaseNow or Services MMC snap-in in Windows (recommended method).

In order to successfully install the service on a Windows NT/2000/XP computers, you need to be logged in using user account that has administrator rights. Setup the BaseNow Agent service to use the same account's name and password.

There are two ways to install and uninstall BaseNow Agent. The quickest way is to right click the BaseNow Agent icon in the Object Browser and choose Install or Uninstall option.

You can also install the service using the Services MMC snap-in in Windows NT/2000/XP. This option gives you more choices. It allows you to:

choose how a service is started (Automatic or Manual)

disable a service

pause, resume, or restart a service

To run the Services snap-in, open the Administrative Tools folder in the Control Panel and double-click the Services icon.

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