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BaseNow Agent creates an error log that, by default, records warnings and errors. The following types of messages are displayed in the BaseNow Agent error log:

 Warning messages that provide information about potential problems, such as, "Job test was deleted while it was executing."

 Error messages that usually require intervention by a system administrator to resolve, such as, "Unable to start mail session." Error messages can be sent to a specific user or computer by network popup.

To display the BaseNow Agent log, click the Logs icon in the Object Browser.

Limit the size of the job history log

Enables limiting the size of the job history log to avoid taking up too much hard disk space.

Maximum number of rows

Specifies the maximum job history log size, in rows.

Current job history size

Shows the current size, in rows, of the job history log.

Clear Log

Clears the job history log.

Show Log

Shows the job history log.

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