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Move and copy records to another table

The program can speed up the transfer of data from one table to another. When you select the records you want to copy, right-click and choose the Move Records option. The program will move the data and then delete the selected records from the source table. If you select the Copy Records option, the program will copy the data without deleting them in the source table.

To existing table

If you choose the ‘To existing table’ option, the program will allow you to select the destination table in the dialog box as illustrated below. All the connections opened in the Object Browser will be displayed in the list. Every connection can display all its tables and views.

To new table

If you want to copy the data into a new table, the program will create it, fully reproducing the structure of the source table. After that, it will copy the selected records from the source table. In the dialog box as the one below, you can set the name of the destination table and choose the connection which you have opened earlier and which is displayed in the Object Browser.

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