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Operators are individuals who can receive notification from BaseNow Agent upon the completion of a job. An operator is a person who is responsible for the maintenance of one or more systems running BaseNow. The two methods used to communicate with operators are sending e-mail messages and using the NET SEND command (which sends a network message to the operator's computer). You can create more than one operator in order to share responsibilities.

Your system must meet two prerequisites to make each of these methods work.

 For e-mail communication, you must setup a SMTP e-mail server address. You can use the local SMTP server, such as PostCast Server (, or you can enter your ISP's mail server address. For more information see: E-mail Settings.

 To use NET SEND, you must be running Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP as your operating system—NET SEND is not supported under Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME.

New Operator

Adds information about the new operator to BaseNow Agent.


Changes information about the existing operator in BaseNow Agent.


Deletes operator information from the BaseNow Agent.

Add or edit information about an operator

The primary attributes of an operator are name and contact information. Because operators are individuals with changing responsibilities and job schedules, you may need to update operator information.


Every operator must have a name. Operator names must be unique and can be no longer than 128 characters.

E-mail address

Sets the operator's e-mail address. Click the Test button to create a test message to be sent to the operator. (You will get an error if you did not enter an e-mail address.)

Net send address

The net send notification method specifies the recipient (computer or user) of a network message. This method is not supported on the Windows 95/98/ME operating systems. Click the Test button to send a test message to an operator.

Operator is available to receive notifications

To prevent this new operator from receiving notifications, clear the Operator Is Available To Receive Notifications check box. Disabling this option enables you to temporarily stop notifications from being sent to an operator—for example, while the operator is on vacation. You can then re-enable notifications by deselecting the check box when the operator returns.

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