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Scheduling options

You can schedule a package to run it at predefined intervals. For more information, see Schedule package for later execution.

Schedule Name

Every schedule is saved under different name. This text box allows you to specify a unique name for the schedule.


Allows you to specify a description of the schedule. This field is optional.


Enables or disables the schedule. If the check box is cleared, the scheduled package will not be started.

Run Schedule




Runs the package daily on a specified time. You can choose on which days to run the package by pressing the Days button.


Runs the package every hour. You can specify number of minutes after the full hour after which package must be executed.

Once at ...

Allows you to specify the date and time when the package must be executed.

Every n minutes

Runs the package after specified number of minutes. You can also set the start time and date.

Every n hours

Runs the package after specified number of hours. You can also set the start time and date.


If Schedule is late

Run immediately

If a schedule is not started at a specified time, it will be started immediately.

Don't run it at all

The schedule will not be started if it is not started at a specified time.

Created Schedules

You can specify more than one schedule per package. The picture below shows the list of all schedules for a package. To change a schedule, click on it. The window will allow you to change all parameters.

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