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When source and destination columns do not match

It can sometimes happen when you copy the data, that the order of columns in the destination table is not the same as in the source table, that the destination table has less columns than the source table, or even that the data types do not match. Before it starts to transfer the data, the program makes a series of calculations and analyses of both tables. If it finds that the tables do not match and that the data could be corrupted, the program displays a dialog box allowing you to decide how to solve the conflict.

Reasons why BaseNow will not paste some or all of your data

 You tried to paste more fields than the table you are pasting to has, or more than the number of fields you selected as a destination.

 You tried to paste a value that is not compatible with the data type of the field. For example, you tried to paste letters into a field in with the Number data type.

 You tried to paste text that is too long for the field. The setting in the Length column property determines the maximum size of a field value. Check the field in Table Design view to see the setting.


For more information, see Column mappings.

New Table

If BaseNow cannot paste some or all of the data in a database, it can create the Paste Errors table and copy all the copied records into that table.

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