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Local Cursor Service

You can choose between using a client-side cursor library or one that is located on the server. Cursor is a database element that controls record navigation, updateability of data, and the visibility of changes made to the database by other users.

Server side cursors are sometimes very flexible and allow for additional sensitivity to changes others make to the data source. However, some features of the Microsoft Cursor Service for OLE DB (such as disassociated Recordset objects) cannot be simulated with server-side cursors and these features will be unavailable with this setting.

In most cases, a client-side cursor is preferred, because scrolling and updates are faster and more efficient, although returning data to the client increases network traffic. In addition, only client-side cursors can be disconnected.

Play the animation below to see how to enable this option.

Local cursor.avi  (cannot see the video? click here)

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