Best SQL and NoSQL Databases For Social Media And Dating Apps

Databases are an important part of cloud services and normal IT operations. Here are some of the most popular database software choices for use with social media and dating apps, including NoSQL, relational SQL databases, and cloud services.


MySQL is an open-source relational database that runs on most common platforms, including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.  MySQL views refer to SQL queries, but views differ from database objects, which makes it possible to have a view for a particular part of the database. Relational databases are often used to handle structured data, which organize and standardize data elements, how they relate to each other and have different properties.   

An ACID-compliant database is a database designed to guarantee the validity of the database transactions, reduce anomalies, ensure data integrity and create a stable database system. The SQL base achieves a higher level of ACID compliance than NoSQL databases, which makes the difference that it gains speed and flexibility in handling unstructured data. 


SQLite is the world’s most widely used database for many applications, including many high-profile projects. SQLite The SQLite database is implemented as a standalone server with less than zero configuration and a transactional SQL database engine.

SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine which unlike most other SQL databases, does not run in a separate process from the application. SQLite is a database without configuration requirements and without server installation.  


MongoDB is a NoSQL database, sometimes called a document based database, useful for storing high-volume data. It is one of the most popular databases and has scalability and flexibility. 

NoSQL leverages its flexible ability to create unique structures such as documents, graphs, columns, and key values to organize data structures.


PostgreSQL is one the most popular and one of the best free databases. It supports relational, JSON and non-relational queries. It is supported by a committed and skilled community members who’ve made tremendous contributions to make it a reliable database management software.   

PostgreSQL is one of the first developed database management systems that works both like a traditional SQL database with relational and structured data, and also with unstructured data like a NoSQL database. It works on every popular platform, including Linux, and it is easy to import data from other databases using PostgreSQL.

The database software can be hosted in A variety of environments, including virtual, physical and cloud environments. One popular dating app, SLSSwingers.vip uses this database software to power their mobile app, supporting thousands of requests at once without breaking a sweat.

Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud SQL is part of the Google Cloud Platform service, the last major cloud provider we mentioned. This cloud service provides managed services for relational databases like MS SQL Server, Postgres, and MySQL with the aim of delivering strong performance, availability, scaleability and convenience through Google’s private and global networks, as well as enhanced security.  

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft is promoting the latest version of SQL Server 2019 as a platform for on-premise solutions as well as cloud hosting. The open source GPL license allows programmers to customize. MySQL software to their own specific environment. MySQL uses a standard form known as the SQL data language.   

SQL Server, a database server developed by Microsoft, is world’s most popular databases. It was introduced in 1989 and written in C and C + + and is widely used by large companies.

Azure SQL Server is the cloud-based version of SQL Server that is offered as a platform-as-a-service by Microsoft in the Azure Cloud.  


MongoDB is a cross-platform document oriented database that offers high performance and scalability. It’s the most popular choice for NoSQL databases, which are useful for storing non-structured data.


Oracle is widely known for their database software. As Oracle’s most popular database, the company is known among developers for easy-to-use, well-written documents and amazing new features like JSON and SQL. 

This type of database is well suited for storing semi-structured data and handling dynamic queries. The most common use cases for this type of databases are leaderboards and shopping basket data. Oracle databases are highly secure and ensure that user data is not manipulated by timely updates.     

Amazon RDS

The relational database service Amazon RDS offers companies a simple, flexible and cost-effective alternative to conventional database systems. It allows users to store and query data items and web service requests and features scalability, speed, minimal maintenance and integration with other Amazon services.