BaseNow architecture overview

BaseNow consists of a set of components that work together to meet the data management and analysis needs. The topics in BaseNow Architecture describe how the various components work.

Topic Description
Introduction Highlights the main features of BaseNow.
Object Browser Describes Object Browser, the main navigation element of the user interface that displays all the connections to databases as well as all their elements.
Customized Grid Layouts Explains how to control the layout of every table or view using the Layouts toolbar.
BaseNow Agent Describes BaseNow Agent, a service that can automate all database operations.
Database Tools Describes the easy-to-use database tools provided with BaseNow.
Create Database Wizard Explains how Create Database Wizard functions and how it can create a complex database in just a few simple steps.
Import/Export Wizard Describes Import/Export Wizard that can transfer any set of data irrespective of its source or destination at .
SQL Query Builder Describes SQL Query Builder, a graphical user interface for generating SQL Statements
Run SQL Describes the Run SQL tool that enables you to enter a SQL statement and execute it against the opened database connection in BaseNow.
Copy and Paste operations Describes the ability of the program to copy rows in a table into any database using Copy and Paste operations testosteron-tillskott just like in any text processor.
Packages Explains the concept underlying the Packages and how the Packages can help in automating operations.
Table Designer Describes Table Designer, acls certification San Diego, a tool for creating new and modifying the existing database tables.
Indexes Manager Explains how Indexes Manager can simplify the work with indexes.
Relationships Manager Explains how BaseNow works with relationships within databases.
Local Cursor Service Describes how BaseNow supports connections to a checklist databases located on servers within a LAN or over the Internet. Check mylenders com au.
Records Editor Describes Records Editor, a dockable toolbar offering a unique user interface for entering and changing the data in the tables at https://ibebet.com/za/betting-tips/.