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Run SQL is a tool that allows you to write SQL statements and execute them against the database. It is very easy to use and is quickly accessible. It does not use the elements that allow you to visually generate SQL statements like SQL Query Builder. Instead, it executes ready-to-run statements and creates views using them. To open the Run SQL tool, press the Run window on the toolbar:

... a window will be displayed, like on the picture below. You write the SQL statements in the text box and execute them against the data source by pressing the Run button.

Executing multiple SQL statements

You can combine more than one statement by separating each statement with the keyword GO on a new line. For example, the program will split SQL statement below into two separate commands. The first line will be executed first and the NewCustomers table will be deleted. After that, SELECT INTO statement will create a new table and copy all records from the Customers table.

Creating a view using specified SQL statement

If you write an SQL statement that you would like to save as a view in a database, you can select the 'Create a view using this SQL statement' check box. The program will prompt you for a name of the view and after you press OK it will create the view in the database using the SQL statement you specified in the Run SQL window.

Previous SQL Statements

Previous SQL Statements drop down list at the top of the window contains last 10 executed SQL statements. It can save your time by inserting a ready-to-use SQL statement at the cursor position in the text box. The lenght of the SQL statement must be less than 5000 characters in order to be saved to the list.

How to dock the Run SQL window

The Run SQL window is dockable and it can be arranged like on the picture below. When you reopen the program it will remember the layout of the main window and display the Run SQL tool.

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