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Using criteria to retrieve certain records

A criteria is a combination of symbols identifiers, operators, and values that produce a result. You can use search criteria to restrict the number of rows returned by a query. You use criteria in a WHERE or HAVING clause that specify the conditions that the source rows must meet to be included in the SQL statement.

Most commonly the expression consists of an operator and a search value. For example, to find customers in a particular sales region, you might specify the following search criterion for the region column:  ='Asia'

To specify conditions

1. Add the columns or expressions that you want to use within your search condition to the Grid pane. If you do not want the search columns or expressions to appear in the query output, clear the Output column for each search column or expression to remove them as output columns.

2. Locate the row containing the data column or expression to search, and then in the Criteria grid column, enter a search condition. If you do not enter an operator, the program automatically inserts the equality operator "=".

Expression Builder is a tool that helps you build a search criteria. For more information about it, see Expression Builder.

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